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Phantom Spirits lægger hovedet på blokken med REPEATER III. En new school gin med kaffe i førersædet.

The latest shot at the stem in Phantom Spirit’s ongoing REPEATER series (which started out with a sour and a black beer – both brewed with coffee, cocoa, cherries and vanilla) is a coffee gin with a complex fruit profile .

It is made in collaboration with Heiko Hoos from Karlsruhe, Dark Matter Coffee from Chicago, Zagovor Brewery from Moscow, and the multi-artist Jonas Stojiljković Pedersen from Malmö. An international project based on equal parts friendship, curiosity, and a great love for a certain band from Washington, DC

Repeater from the front
Dark Matter Coffee set out to ferment Cautai coffee beans from Guatemala on a Bavarian wheat yeast, which was sent to southern Germany, after which Heiko Hoos started at his distillery. 5 months later, after a good handful of adjustments, tests of different types of chocolate, cherries and vanilla, and samples sent across national borders, REPEATER III finally landed at Nordic Spirit’s warehouse ready to be shared with the world.

The result is completely original and exquisite gin with a taste profile that is as unique as it is tasty. Repeater is only produced in a run of 800 bottles, so it is a unique gin that will impress even the most fanatical gin collector. Price (unit price for 6 units, ex VAT)

NOK 175/50 CL